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Musings on Masculinity

The Fastest Way to Failed in 2024

If you want to dominate 2024 and achieve more in the next 12 months than you ever imagined possible, there’s a cold truth you need to face:

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For Men Going Through a Breakup (How to Heal)

Breakups suck. But inside the suck lies an opportunity for personal transformation and the reclamation of your masculine power

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How to Unf*ck Your Life (No Bullshit Guide)

If you've hit a breaking point and you're looking in the mirror saying: "I can't keep doing this." This guide will outline the path to reinvention.

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The Best Relationship Advice No One Ever Told You

No matter how many times you've failed, it's possible to create a love that lasts. The problem? Most men build their relationships on weak foundations. Here's how you fix that.

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How to Join the Masculine Renaissance

It's time for a renaissance of masculinity. Of virtue, honor, strength, and good men. Here's how to join that renaissance.

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A Realistic Morning Routine for Ambitious Men

Fuck cold showers and meditation. This is how ambitious men can get ahead.

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About Me

Who is Austin?

Hey, I’m Austin.

At 18, I dropped out of college with $173 to my name and boarded a one-way flight to Lima, Peru. For eleven months I gallivanted across the globe, meeting a bizarre amalgam of our planet’s most interesting creatures: from Neo-Nazi farmers in Chile, to drug-addled Inc. 500 entrepreneurs in Colombia, to the eclectic middle-aged founder-turned-free-loving hippie in Mexico.

Along the way, I found myself begging for loose change, carted away in handcuffs (twice), addicted to cocaine, and threatened (on no uncertain terms) by the Nicaraguan cartels.Despite my best efforts, I returned from my escapades (relatively) unscathed.

And realized that I needed to grow the fuck up.

Since then, I found and married the love of my life, landed C-level positions at amazing startups, worked with top men's coaches, authors, and executives, competed in BJJ, run marathons, and built an epic career working as a marketing consultant for top companies.

Now, I’m on a mission to share the lessons that helped me turn my life and relationships around here at ManEvolved––with the goal of helping 1,000,000 men suck less, do more, and reach their full potential.